Strategy To Achieve Results

Roots; The Redwood Tree Organization NFP, Inc. will utilize its 47-member community-outreach volunteer force (comprised of skilled men and women adults who reside in various neighborhoods of Chicago’s Westside and Southwest area) to come together for the purpose of recruiting clients from the 60612 Zip Code through passing out flyers out on the streets to people within the target community, going to schools and talking with teenagers who are at-risk, getting together with community political leaders, police precinct captains, churches and schools, and bi-weekly scheduling of live (call-in) television talks on CAN-TV/Channel 19 (a non-profit cable channel in Chicago specifically geared to public information from non-profit organizations such as Root; The Redwood Tree Organization NFP, Inc. for reaching and collaborating with an estimate of 75,000 to 150,000 citywide viewers in a single telecast). This collaboration taps into a wealth of potential individual and agency supporters, contributions from numerous business lenders and foundations, as well as years of cumulative experience developing community outreach and job training curricula and policies, school-based service provision, outreach to low-income, culturally diverse communities, and rigorous program evaluation. Coordination among the various agencies represented in the proposal will allow Roots; The Redwood Tree Organization NFP, Inc. to leverage our resources and avoid unnecessary duplicative efforts.

These 47 volunteers will work three days a week for three to four hours per day. They will have a rotating schedule; they will perform orientation interviews and screening of all new clients who enter into the “Nehemiah Transformation” program. Volunteers will also directly assist the technology trainers in training delivery, which will include but will not be limited to up-front assessment of each participant’s base skills to determine the appropriate training program needed. Volunteers involved in special training delivery will take into account individuals with disabilities or transportation issues.

To aid each program participant in the accomplishment of his or her goal, would regularly and systematically lay out relevant problem-solving alternatives, based on positive-reinforcement incentives, for a remarking of one’s self; and how to best seek a productive lifestyle free of social influences with lead to at-risk thinking, drug use, including at-risk sex, violent behavior and criminal conduct. Moreover, Roots; The Redwood Tree Organization NFP,Inc. would set-aside 35% if all proceeds generated in the course of this three-year program, to be deposited in a long-term Scholarship Trust (awards to be presented annually to young-adult academic or trade school achievers who desire a higher education during or after the tree-year program ends.)