“Giving is Living, Helping the poor, the hungry & the homeless.”

Isaiah 58; 7 Luke 6; 38 Proverbs 25; 21-22 John 6; 1-14 Mark 6; 30-44 Mathews 14; 13 Mathews 25; 25-40

Mission Statement

Roots; the Redwood Tree Organization NFP, Inc’s mission is to Remake the world into this paradise on earth after God’s model in the Graden of Eden.

T.e.a.m. Work

It is the ability to work together towards a
common vision. It is the ability to direct
individual accomplishment toward
organizational objectives.It is the fuel that
allows common people the ability to attain
uncommon results.

Roots; The REd wood tree organization, NFP

The goal of Roots, The Redwood Tree Organization NFP, Inc. is to provide troubled youth and parents/families of the 60612 Zip Code community (including adjoining or surrounding Zip Codes) with long-term assistance and support through our commitment of establishing life-changing, human development programs, connecting the unskilled with training initiatives, and assisting families with needed additional resources/referrals to be able to sustain themselves in the community. Read more