The goal of Roots, The Redwood Tree Organization NFP, Inc. is to provide troubled youth and parents/families of the 60612 Zip Code community (including adjoining or surrounding Zip Codes) with long-term assistance and support through our commitment of establishing life-changing, human development programs, connecting the unskilled with training initiatives, and assisting families with needed additional resources/referrals to be able to sustain themselves in the community. As to our outlook that drives the above philosophy, Roots, The Redwood Tree Organization NFP, Inc. is committed to the belief that clients from 60612 Zip Code and neighboring communities need the respect, support and assistance of community service programs. The clients need to feel good about themselves and their surrounding; they need motivation to accomplish their desired outcomes.


Our philosophy is that the community service programs designed by Roots, The Redwood Tree Organization NFP, Inc. are to serve are those with many barriers to a clean-up life free of drugs, alcohol and other dysfunctional behaviors, lack of jobs, homelessness, without contact information, misdemeanor or felony criminal convictions, lack of high school diplomas, termination from previous employment, unstable work histories, lack of child care, no family support, et cetera. Roots, The Redwood Tree Organization NFP, Inc. will strive to address these barriers by providing the services necessary for clients to succeed. We will add the necessary pathways to clean-up and gainful employment, including referrals for sustainable housing, explusion/sealing of records of criminal past, child care services for clients to go on job interviews, attend continuing education classes or vocational training.

In order for these intiatives to be affectives, Roots, The Redwood Tree Organization NFP, Inc. will hire and train staff that has passion, drive credentials, experience and personality to develop strong relationships with our clients and assist them through the necessary paths to empowerment and independence.

It’s all about Community with us. Building strong communities from the inside – out. A safety net a hand up and not a hand out – to lift up.