Letter From the President

My name is Cleyester Thomas, and I am the president and CEO of the Outreach Ministry Program. I was a limousine driver in Chicago-land area and have been for the past 20 years. My Daughter Katrina Davenport and I started this program a few years ago. I also was a Chicago taxi driver for many years.

After many years of driving around Chicago and the south suburban areas, I realize that so many individuals were in great need of help and assistance. So we started to collect food, clothing, furnitire and funds from family members and friends and distributed them those deprived of their basic necessities. To continue this effort, my daughter Katrina Davenport and I dedicated our spare time to this important cause.

We are about helping and serving those who are in need: homeless, the poor and hungry, mothers and children and give food, clothing, furniture and shelter. Sometimes we even use our own funds. There have been times that when we have gone as far as to house people in our own home and we assist them in locating shelter and employment if we can.

We know that this time of the year people are in great need of food just for the holidays. Just like anyones else, they want to eat with their families during Thanksgiving and Christmas ans provide toys to their children. And in the wintertime, children desperately need heavy coats, scarves, boots, and hats to keep warm.

We are in hopes you can join us in this effort to provide to those in need. Anything that you can do will greatly appreciated; items or financed contributions will be great assistance.

Many, many Thanks for your time and consideration and we look forward to hearing back from you.


Cleyester Thomas

Pres/CEO/Director-Roots; The Redwood Tree Org; NFP