Sybil – Tellerphone

With “Sybil” you can talk to your Money!

Call 764-7602 or 764-3752 or 1-888-755-5506 to access.

“SYBIL” allows you to talk directly to our credit union computer 24/7 with a touch-tone phone and a Personal Identification Number (“PIN”). There is no charge for this service and anyone with a share account can apply. Fill out the application or visit the office to sign up for the free service and get your PIN.

It’s Safe And Secure

Things To Remember:

  • You must press keys on your telephone keypad FIRMLY.
  • You must have a PIN number to use the services available by SYBIL.
  • Each phone call is limited to FIVE requests per phone call.
  • All TRANSFERS and WITHDRAWALS are limited to regular shares and share draft checking.
  • SYBIL will not allow a transfer which results in a negative share balance.
  • SYBIL will not allow a transfer below the share pledge.
  • PIN code changes made by YOU will take effect immediately. Decide on a six-digit PIN that is easy for YOU to remember.
  • SYBIL will talk you through all needed instructions.
  • Your monthly and/or quarterly statements will indicate all monetary transactions conducted by SYBIL.
  • Transactions are entered in even dollar amounts. $5.00 becomes 5 followed by a pound (#) sign to enter the amount.
  • The pound (#) sign transmits the information to the computer.
  • If you make a mistake entering your account number press the star (*) button. This will take you to the previous step in the transaction or inquiry.
  • SYBIL will be operational on your accounts within 10 working days from the date your credit union receives YOUR assigned PIN.

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Call SYBIL Today! – 764-7602 or 764-3752 or 1-888-755-5506