Right Way Credit Repair is a simple, natural way to repair your credit score.

The Federal Trade Commission declares, “The fact is there’s no quick fix for creditworthiness. You can improve your credit report legitimately, but it takes time, a conscious effort, and sticking to a personal debt repayment plan.”

Midwest Family Federal Credit Union will pull your credit report and review your score. Once we compile a list of outstanding collections or other stains on your report, we will pay off as much of the bad debt as you can afford (min. $500). You will repay the loan over 12 months at 18% APR.

The loan is secured by your own money. You’ll deposit at least $500 into your share (savings) account. Next, we will freeze those funds so they cannot be withdrawn (only the outstanding balance of your loan will remain frozen). Then, you will receive a fully-amortized $500 loan which will be used to repay outstandingbalances on your credit report (up to $500). The credit bureaus will see that you are making regular, on-time monthly payments for a secure loan. Over time, your credit score should improve.

The catch? This program only works if you are committed to it. Paying your installment loan on time is not the only factor at play. You must pay ALL of your bills on time, every time. Scores can plummet in an instance, but take months or years to recover.

Midwest Family Federal Credit Union makes no guarantee that your credit score will improve based on your use of this Right Way Credit Repair product. Call or visit our Loan Officer today for more information, 219-763-5640.

Program Basics

  • Installment loan secured by your own money
  • $500 minimum
  • 12-month term
  • 18% annual percentage rate
  • No loan fees
  • Clean report with loan proceeds
  • 500 minimum score to qualify
  • Approximate total cost of loan: $55.00
  • Approximate monthly payment: $46.25