Motivate 2 Graduate

Motivate 2 Graduate

Motivate 2 Graduate Produces World Class Students & Athletes.
By Fostering Proven Educational & Life Success Principles.


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What is Motivate 2 Graduate?


Motivate 2 Graduate’s Primary Mission is to Prepare All Students for Success.

Motivate 2 Graduate (M2G) is a transformational personal & career empowerment program
serving student athletes & students in general. The program was created by Key Educational Services promotes graduation as well as personal & career excellence through an evidence
informed approach.
Many individuals have difficulty finding and maintaining employment because their ability to
be constantly attentive and accountable has either diminished over time, or never been fully
developed as a result of patterns of “oppositional defiant behavior”.

Chief goals of Motivate 2 Graduate include the promotion of productive scholarship, positive
life choices & personal career & life success among students & athletes.

As an approach to career life development, Motivate 2 Graduate is designed to facilitate a
catalytic framework promoting the adoption of healthy norms, mores & lifestyle choices
among students in general.

Through utilization of this strategic framework, Motivate 2 Graduate endeavors to assist
students athletes in embracing positive life & career choices.

Motivate 2 Graduate Inspires Students & Student Athletes to Excel in the Classroom,
in Life, & on the Fields of Competition.


Helping Students & Athletes Achieve Personal and Career Success.

A key goal of the collection of principles promoted by Motivate 2 Graduate is to assist students
in realizing the benefits derived from embracing delayed gratification, skill set development,
project completion & personal & career responsibility.

Another key objective of the program is to create & nurture safe, healthy & engaged students
& athletes. Still another goal of the training program is to help students excel in new learning environments & to anchor themselves with lofty & reasonable personal expectations.

Motivate 2 Graduate’s primary mission is to “Prepare all students to excel in college, career,
and life.”

Motivate 2 Graduate (M2G) offers a comprehensive & strategic framework which fosters
personal growth & results in measurably improved personal behavior, increased graduation
rates &overall student & athlete retention.

To accomplish these outcomes, Motivate 2 Graduate initiatives are tailored to meet unique institutional needs & are replete with evaluative components to ensure sustainable outcomes.

Among the benefits students & athletes derive from Motivate 2 Graduate programs are
improved communications skills, enhanced personal morale, increased educational
engagement, career & life skill development & collaborative work traits.

Some of the Principles Indelibly Conveyed Through Motivate 2 Graduate.

- Discovering Your Purpose in Life.

- The Importance of Self Care.

- How Education Improves Your Life & Career.

- How Risky Behavior Can Derail Your Dreams.

- The Economic Value of Excellence.

- Being Strong Enough to Resist Negative Temptations in School Away.

- Financial Literacy-How to Save & Manage Personal Finances.

- Creating Jobs & Careers for Yourself

- Avoiding People Engaged in Destructive Activities.

- What to Do When Others Close to You Behave Badly.

- It’s Never Too Late to be Great.
  (What to Do When You’ve Made Mistakes).

- Managing Your Brand & Media Relations.

- Being the Most Valuable Player in Your Life Career.

- Binge Drinking & The Consequences of Alcohol Drug Abuse.

- Dating & Decency; How to Respect Yourself & Others.
Motivate 2 Graduate Text offers informative & motivational programs tailored to address
the personal &collective needs of students, student athletes, athletic teams & entire
student bodies. Please contact us to learn more about our transformative programs.

Contact us by calling (573) 228-6098
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