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Ascend’s Career & Life Development Training Promotes Personal & Familial Sustainability




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Through Ascend’s Unique, Tailored & Evidence Informed Life Skills &
Job Readiness Training Everyone Can Ascend to Personal Independence

Attention Public Administrators:

Ascend Communications & Training provides Career & Life Development training to
persons in need of job readiness & life skills training.

Like all of our training modules, Our Career & Life Development course work was
designed only after assessing realistic needs of persons in need of job readiness
and life skills.

Moreover, the “life skills” part of the training was developed after assessment
showed life skill deficits were adversely impacting the abilities of job seekers to find
& retain living wage employment.

This discovery underscores why Ascend fundamentally conducts assessment prior
to selecting or creating specific strategic interventions.

This is relevant because training strategies, or interventions many chronically under
and un-employed persons require are not necessary for others in the wider
population who already possess requisite life & employment skills. Consequently,
Ascend creates targeted course work to meet documented & pre-identified needs
among specific populations.

Chances are, because of the nature of local demographics & unique individual
circumstances, many constituents in your community may also have such unique
training needs. Subsequently, our targeted interventions can assist public agencies
in your community in achieving improved outcomes & in reducing costs.

In closing, we invite you to contact us nationwide at your convenience to arrange
time to discuss how our services can assist you in achieving your agency goals.
We look forward to hearing from you & to having the privilege of serving your
business and community needs!

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