Youth Empowerment Symposia

Fostering Educational Success, Prevention & Active Citizenship Among American Youth

Motivate 2 Educate (Ascend Urban America) is proposed as a solution to eradicating so called “risk factors” and to increasing the prevalence of so called “nurturing” factors” among youth in urban and rural communities.

A chief goal of Motivate 2 Educate is to promote positive and productive citizenship among youth.

As an entity, Motivate 2 Educate is designed to facilitate a framework that can have catalytic impact upon the expansion of healthy norms, mores and lifestyle choices among youth in particular and the citizenry in general.

Through utilization of this strategic framework, Motivate 2 Educate endeavors to bring all social, public and private agency and institutional resources to bear in promoting solutions to excessive incarceration and recidivism and overall risky behavior among adolescent youth, teens and even pre-school aged children. In this way, youth will be connected with the services needed for successful and sustainable interventions.

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