Ascend’s Career & Life Development Program

The American Career and Life Development Course by Ascend is designed to assist social service clients in the areas of career readiness and life skills. The program integrates life skills training with increased job preparedness because both components are necessary when preparing people to succeed in today’s employment ecosystem.

Promoting Life Skills as a Foundation For Successful Career Development

Many individuals have difficulty finding and maintaining employment because their ability to be constantly attentive and accountable has either diminished over time, or never been fully developed as a result of patterns of “oppositional defiant behavior”.

Many persons currently lacking personal sustainability have developed impediments to employment and productivity. These impediments include insufficient capacity for proper time management, budgeting and even hygiene and grooming issues.

Ascend’s new career and life training course helps individuals develop the capacity to successfully implement normal and necessary life functions such as personal organization and dependability, money management, self-confidence and stress management, as well as basic problem solving and conflict resolution skills.

Career Development

The success of each individual is most often the result of a mixture of personal ambition combined with visionary actions. Ascend’s Career & Life Development Course is designed to rekindle ambition and to impart life skills that will be useful in finding and keeping employment and in carving niches in the entrepreneurial marketplace.

Entrepreneurial Development

The old maxim “It is better to teach someone to fish than to feed them fish for a day” is another underlying principle of Ascend’s Career and Life Development Course

The course integrates life & work skills into job readiness and entrepreneurial exploration.