Youth Empowerment Symposia

Fostering Educational Success, Prevention & Active Citizenship Among  American Youth


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Youth Empowerment Symposia

Fostering Educational Success, Prevention & Active Citizenship Among  American Youth


Motivate 2 Educate (Ascend Urban America) is proposed as a solution to eradicating so called “risk factors” and to increasing the prevalence of so called “nurturing” factors” among youth in urban and rural communities.

A chief goal of Motivate 2 Educate is to promote positive and productive citizenship among youth.

As an entity, Motivate 2 Educate is designed to facilitate a framework that can have catalytic impact upon the expansion of healthy norms, mores and lifestyle choices among youth in particular and the citizenry in general.

Through utilization of this strategic framework, Motivate 2 Educate endeavors to bring all social, public and private agency and institutional resources to bear in promoting solutions to excessive incarceration and recidivism and overall risky behavior among adolescent youth, teens and even pre-school aged children. In this way, youth will be connected with the services needed for successful and sustainable interventions.

Community Involvement

Among the methods used are strategies designed to promote positive citizenship among so called “at-risk youth”. These strategies involve implementation of community improvement programs which focus upon youth making positive contributions to society.

A key goal of all the programs is to teach the benefits of embracing delayed gratification through skill set development, project completion and personal and community transformation.

Our citizenship promotion strategies include community probation initiatives designed to enable youth to improve urban communities through implementation of community service initiatives.

The involvement of “non-incarcerated” youth in such projects helps minimize negative stigma sometimes associated with the forced labor of incarcerated persons and also serves to nourish positive community norms.

However, our strategies are not just community beautification programs in that we purposefully intervene to help steer youth toward positive life, career and business choices.

Faith Based Involvement

It is important that the Faith Based Community play an integral role in community solutions.

Various faith traditions are able to minister, nourish and support youth. This is particularly needed with respect to community re-entry among formerly incarcerated youth.

Additionally, many faith based communities are willing to contribute to the capacity of resources which can be galvanized to combat recidivism and risky behavior and can serve as information distribution centers for community based initiatives.

Moreover, the faith based community can add significantly to the effectiveness of our “Educational Explosions” which are also known as “Ascend Conferences”

Ascend Educational Conferences Promote Prevention, Education & Entrepreneurship

 Ascend Educational Conferences (Educational Explosions)” are traveling seminars designed to motivate, inspire and train urban youth to engage in positive life choices, avoid risky behavior and to take full advantage of educational and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The seminars are essentially motivational and inspirational retreats designed to bolster a community’s prevention and productive capacity and to promote positive protective factors within each community. This is accomplished by bringing the resources of all peer groups, social service agencies, parents, faith based organizations, public, charter and private educational institutions and other stakeholders together to promote more effective learning, healthy mores, attitudes and community characteristics.


Ascend uses a process we have labeled “edutainment” in that we educate youth using a variety of mediums from various entertainment genres.

Edutainment enables us to hold the captive attention of youthful seminar participants while educating them on the consequences of risky behavior and the benefits of positive life choices.

The entertainment, educational and communications mediums used in our seminars include movies, public service announcements, musical songs, skits and dramatizations, panel discussions, break-out sessions, positive messaging from celebrities and much more. The particular mediums will vary depending on the venue and the educational, cultural and social needs of targeted youth audiences.

Corporate Training Approach To Youth Development

“Ascend Educational Conferences” offer high intensity motivational and informational presentations similar to those provided to corporate leaders and team members responsible for productivity and results. Our seminars and youth retreats are designed to foster attitudes, mindsets and mores necessary to avoid risky behavior and to strive for excellence in every area of life.

To accomplish this we use experts from various fields of human endeavor to provide first hand and acquired knowledge. We also utilize the Socratic method of instruction to influence youth to communicate which learning and teaching approaches are most effective in motivating young people to avoid risky behavior and adopt positive lifestyles.

Our Events are Also Data Collection Events

Our Conferences can also serve as effective data gathering events and anonymous pre-and post-event surveys can, with requisite prior approval, be distributed and collected to provide local level community data.

Ascend’s Empowering Youth Conference Topics

  • • The Importance of Loving Yourself
  • • How To Discover Your Purpose In Life
  • • How Education Improves Your Lot in Life
  • • How Risky Behavior Can Derail Your Dreams
  • • How Being Better Leads to More Cheddar (The Economic Value of Excellence)
  • • Being Strong Enough To Resist Negative Temptations in Your School and Neighborhood
  • • Financial Literacy-How to Save and Manage Banking Accounts
  • • Creating Jobs and Careers for Yourself and Others          (Entrepreneurship)
  • • Abusing Sex & Drugs & Other Dream Killers
  • • Avoiding People Who Are Stuck On Stupid (Selecting the Right Friends and Peers)
  • • What to Do When Parents Behave Badly
  • • So you want to be a Rapper! The Business of the Entertainment Industry
  • • It’s Never Too Late To Be Great-What To Do When You’ve Made Mistakes and Fallen Behind in Education and Life
  • • Continuing Your Education After Becoming a Parent
  • • You are More Valuable than You Think
  • • What is Binge Drinking and the Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • • Dating and Decency; How To Respect Yourself & Others


Again, Ascend’s Motivate2Educate’s educational explosions are tailored to particular audiences with great attention given to cultural competence and the pre-assessed needs of the populations being addressed.

The learning goals can be aligned with recent and current epidemiological profiles of each community and address identified community needs such as adopting more positive mores and values associated with healthy lifestyles.

Whenever possible, Ascend incorporates relevant community goals and establishes evidenced based programs which can be used locally to promote healthy life choices.

Finally, this synopsis only seeks to describe an overview of our youth symposia.

We are eager to have a more in depth discussions on benefitting youth.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 872-202-2792 to learn more about our programs which can make a positive difference in America.

Thank you!

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