Key College Fair

Key College Fair- (AscendtrainingSince 1997, the professionals at Key Educational Services have been introducing students to a wide range of personal empowerment information, edu-cational symposia & collegiate & career opportunities.

Now, as free programs open to the public, our “New College & Career Exposure Fairs” allow attendees
to interact with admissions & career professionals to discuss course offerings, scholarships, financial aid requirements, campus life & other pertinent infor-
mation pertaining to the college selection process & actual career opportunities. We also facilitate men-
toring & introductions to corporate & professional mentors to assist students in the educational & career advancement processes.

We invite you to partner with us to showcase your university, college, or professional industry, vocation,
or discipline to America’s finest students.

The average number of students attending our major college fairs can range between 500 & 2000 students. As a rule, our events are well promoted & well attended. We are eager to have you & your recruitment professionals join other participating universities at our next event!

Join other leading institutions & industries & embark upon the rewarding quest to enhance cultural competencies on your campus, or in your industry while providing greater enrichment & career opportunities to capable students. To learn more contact us!