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Corporate Rental CarsAs a trusted car rental company in Brooklyn, Edge Auto Rental has been providing visitors and residents with affordable vehicles for years. Perfect for weeklong vacations or a fun-filled shopping spree, our vehicles come with exceptional customer service so clients can enjoy themselves fully. No matter where you’re going, we’ll get you behind the wheel of a dependable and stylish car rental. Make a reservation online to receive the best rates on any of our rental vehicles, including our excellent range of cars, vans, and SUVs.

Van Rental

Every group trip deserves to unfold into a great story, so start yours off on the right foot with a van rental. With a vast selection of minivan rentals, 8-passenger van rentals, 15-passenger van rentals, and Sprinter cargo van rentals, our fleet is ready to kick your adventure into high gear. When traveling for holidays, ski trips, or vacations across the country, a rental van has the seating capacity for everyone to be comfortable. When a car rental simply isn’t a big enough ride, we’re certain that one of our vans will do the job. We’ve even added 12 passenger Sprinter vans to our rental fleet for even more comfort and space than you can imagine.

SUV Rental

One part van, one part car, an SUV rental is the ideal vehicle for those who want style and legroom. Take that annual trip to visit family, and make the most of it with a stylish SUV or hybrid SUV. For some, succumbing to a minivan rental is unthinkable. An SUV rental is a practical alternative for those who still need room for numerous passengers and sizable amount of luggage. You’ll feel as close to home as possible when you get behind the wheel of a premium SUV rental.

Luxury Rental

Want to get around the Big Apple in true style? A luxury car rental from Edge Auto Rental is the perfect choice for you. These high-quality vehicles are ideal for weddings, conferences, first impressions, business clients, and more. Stand out on the streets in a luxury car from Edge.

Cheap Car Rental

Dedicated to providing the best service of any car rental company in New York City, we make sure all of our customers get a deal on a cheap car rental for their travels. Why spend more than you have to when we can get you out on the road for less? Even better, our car rentals are serviced and cleaned regularly to ensure the best ride possible. Enjoy the convenience of having a dependable vehicle when you need it, and leave the railway or ferry behind. Take advantage of the freedom to roam the city with a car rental in Brooklyn. Our friendly staff is waiting to assist with your rental needs today.

Cheap Truck Rentals

At Edge Auto Rental, we’re always working to find ways to enhance our customers’ experiences, and we now proudly offer pickup truck rentals. With durable load capacities and efficient cargo accessibility, our pickup trucks are perfect for every job.

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Brooklyn Driving and Beyond

Although NYC is one of the world’s greatest cities, it can be overwhelming at times. At Edge Auto Rental, we understand that city life isn’t for everyone—at least not all the time—which is why we allow our car rentals to be driven anywhere in New York state. Extend your weekend and visit family in Staten Island or Connecticut. There’s no sense in relying on the ferry or railway when the convenience of a rental vehicle is just a few clicks away.

If you’re in need of a vehicle when visiting or traveling through Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, or Staten Island, look no further than Edge Auto Rental. Along with excellent customer service and a diverse selection of rental cars, vans, and SUVS, we also guarantee that our customers will receive our cheapest price when reserving online. See New York in a whole new light with a car rental that you can actually afford. To reserve your car rental, call us today at 212-947-3343.



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