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Brooklyn’s Premier Car, Truck, SUV & Van Rental Service

Located in Brooklyn’s fastest growing neighborhood, our car rental company proudly offers clean and affordable vehicles to be driven for business or pleasure. Customers that rent a car, van, truck, or SUV from Edge Auto Rental receive a quality vehicle and impeccable customer service. So, whether you need a car rental for a vacation, film shoot, or meeting in NYC or out of state, we guarantee your experience will be filled with more driving and less hassle. To reserve your car rental, call us today at 212-947-3343.

Personal Brooklyn Car Rentals

For vacations, short business trips, and other outings that start in New York City, make sure you have a dependable vehicle. No matter what size you’re looking for, Edge Auto Rental has a vehicle that will suit your needs. When other rent a car companies just push you out the door, we’ll make sure you’re more than satisfied with your vehicle.

Car Rental – Visiting family doesn’t mean you have to pay for inconvenient and uncomfortable travel arrangements. Whether you are journeying across the state or country for the holidays, our car rentals offer you a way to get there affordably. Plus, you can plan your own schedule without relying on others.

Van Rental – When you need the space for a group, a van rental is the most advantageous and affordable way to travel. Instead of paying for plane or train tickets, ask us about our minivan rentals and 15 passenger van rentals. Trying to take public transportation with a large group would quickly turn into a giant headache, so why risk it? We also have cargo van rentals for those who need to transport large or numerous items.

SUV Rental – With the style of a car and the space of a minivan, an SUV rental has all you need to make the most of your vacation. At Edge Auto Rental, we carry an assortment of luxury SUVs so that you can enjoy the road from departure to destination. We also have a variety of hybrid SUVs for those who like to keep the air we breathe cleaner.

Truck Rental – If you’re in the market for power, durability, and plenty of cargo space, look no further than our selection of pickup truck rentals. With 5000 lb capacities, all of your cargo will be safe, secure, and easily accessible as your effortlessly transport it across town.

Reserve a Personal Car Rental

Your travel arrangements will go by smoothly with a car rental from a reputable and caring company. Our rental agents are ready to provide you with the keys to an amazing car and, ultimately, an amazing family vacation or trip into Brooklyn.

Corporate & Production Rental Cars in Brooklyn

Designed to serve large corporations and production companies in their endeavor to be successful, our fleet is comprised of a variety of vehicles. From large, premium SUV rentals to hybrid rental cars, we have an incredible selection to choose from.

Rent a Car – Perfect for business meetings and conferences in or outside of Brooklyn, our rental cars offer enough space for even the most avid business traveler to enjoy the ride. Although we can’t add excitement to your company meeting, we can certainly add some style to the ride there. Check out our luxury car rentals!

Rent a Van – There’s nothing worse than having to drive your crew and cast to the set only to find you don’t have enough seats. Rent a van instead of taking that risk, and ask us about one of our minivan rentals or passenger van rentals. We also have moving van rentals so you can move your equipment and set pieces easily from Brooklyn to Staten Island and anywhere else.

Rent an SUV – Scout out the ideal location for a scene and rent an SUV. Our SUVs boast some of the most luxurious features and comforts, allowing you to enjoy work like you never thought possible. Even the longest days on the road can result in a smile or two. Add on a GPS and have a guide wherever you go.

Rent a Pickup Truck – Edge Auto Rental now proudly provides rental trucks for daily, weekly, and monthly jobs that require the regular transportation of heavy materials. Raw horsepower matched with an incredible cargo capacity means you’re job just got a lot easier.

Rent a Box Truck – When a van rental just won’t cut it, take control of the situation and grab a box truck rental instead. At Edge Auto Rental, we have the perfect cube truck rental for you and your film shoot. Move entire sets from one location to another, or use the moving truck as a mobile dressing room.

Rent a Mobile Office – Streamline the production process by bringing the office with you. Our mobile offices eliminate the need to rely on spotty data networks and runs to the copy shop. At 25 feet, it’s the perfect size, not too big and not too small, allowing your crew to operate efficiently.

Rent a Refrigerated Truck – For dairy products, meats, produce, and other temperature-sensitive products, Edge is here to ensure that no matter what the temperature is outside, your cargo is covered inside with our new refrigerated truck rentals.

Enjoy 24/7 pickup options when you create a corporate account. You will also have the ability to add multiple drivers to one rental without additional fees. Edge Auto Rental strives to provide the best customer service to ensure an exceptional rental experience. Transport your clients or employees in one of our stylish and luxurious rentals for your next business meeting. 

Reserve a Corporate Mini Van Rental

When you require a reliable vehicle for your vacation or film shoot, come to Edge Auto Rental. Our vehicles can also help you make a move or arrive in style to your next business meeting. We make it our priority to provide excellence in every facet of the rental process. Come to us for all of your car rental, van rental, truck rental, and SUV rental needs. To reserve your vehicle, contact us today at 212-947-3343. We look forward to serving you while you enjoy our beautiful city!



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