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A message from the founder/CEO:

Let’s “Bring Sexy Back” to big and tall!

This all begin with me wanting to find an easier way to have access to stylish clothing. I have always believed that men of size can still look just as good as everyone else. I thought other subscription services would be a nice touch to my wardrobe. Boy was I wrong. Every site either had “limited” options for me or none at all. I grew up always wanting to look good and I want my fellow big and tall men to feel the same. So let’s “Bring Sexy Back” to big and tall and be confident!

Who We Are:

We the the next “big” thing, no pun intended! Our goal is to make your life easier when it comes to fashion. We all realize that clothes can make a man feel better about himself. We not only want you to have great outfits, but we want you to feel great too. When you look great, you feel great.

Stress Stinks! Maximus Trax Works!

How many times have you needed new clothes and you dreaded having to hop from store to store trying to find your size. Then after you find your size, you hope its in your style. After you finally spend 3 hours finding two shirts when you  needed four, you hope the price is right. Those days of stress are over. You will now get clothes that fit and are made with style to make you look like a king. Size no longer matters. You will no longer hope to get a decent bargain at the outlet. Your bargain is here! With less time spent on shopping so you have more time to walk around looking good.

Big/Tall FASHION OF THE FUTURE. Fitted and crisp for every man. Online fashion delivery service coming soon! Our mission is to find the most stylish clothing for the Big and Tall. With that mission, we have principles that we stand by to serve the Big and Tall community.

1. EVERY MAN is unique
2. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help you look your best
3. CHOICE equals POWER, which is why you will NO LONGER BE LIMITED to one style.


2 clothing items & 2 accessories
Accentuate and complete your look


3 clothing items & 3 accessories
One box multiple looks


4 clothing items & 5 accessories
Completely overhaul your look

What People are saying…

People are falling in love with The Maximus Box

  • I was lucky enough to be the very FIRST customer for Maximus Trax! This company is solid! The style and quality of the clothing will speak for itself. I’m certainly a happy customer and know that you’ll feel the same!

    Jordan Dupree
  • I love Maximus Trax so much!

    James Anderson