Our foundation collects, separates and packages books to distribute to underserved countries around the world. In addition, book drives and fund-raising events are held with the main focus on informing the public about the importance of literacy in order to create a culture of reading. By providing gingerly used books as well as school supplies we will help increase literacy skills.

The Lynn Foundation is founded on the belief that all children should have access to superior reading material and literacy programs to empower them, provide a quality education and provide a brighter and more prosperous future through reading. We believe that reading is the best habit that one can develop. Africa has the highest percentage of illiteracy in the world. The books that we ship will provide the groundwork for allowing children an opportunity to pursue a quality education.

Our goal is to reach every continent and every corner of the world with books, and that one day, we will live in a world where no child will ever yearn to read based on the availability of books.