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IAAU is passionate about adoption. Here you will find a collection of the best agencies in Indiana. Agencies that are very different from one another, but who all hold adoption dear and want the birth mothers and adoptive couples to be treated with kindness and respect; who want birth fathers' rights to be upheld; and who strive every day to bring stability, love and happiness to a deserving child.

Please read about our work and feel free to contact us to work with your client, speak to your group or advocate for adoption! Our members are located throughout the state of Indiana - from Merrillville to New Albany and Evansville, in Indianapolis, and surrounding areas like Anderson and Fort Wayne.


Our mission is (a) to promote the common interests of adoption agencies within the State of Indiana and to preserve and protect the choice of agency adoption in the State of Indiana, and (b) to facilitate (or have) a dialog with members of the Indiana State Legislature to secure careful consideration of laws that affect the practice of adoption agencies, (to educate Indiana State legislators on all aspects of adoption) and to promote the ethical and compassionate treatment of birth parents, adoptive parents and the child, before, during and after the adoption process.


Indiana Adoption Agencies United (IAAU) was organized in 1995. Our initial objectives were to strengthen and promote agency adoption and to become actively involved in the passing of positive adoption law. Ice Miller has served as our professional lobbyists and has provided pro-bono services. We are a coalition of adoption agencies with over 950 years of experience that has placed over 22,000 children, and counseled over 59,000 birth parents.

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