1. How many times will a charger recharge my device?

The amount of recharge you get depends on the number of milliamps per hour (maH) your solar charger holds.  Solar chargers can hold less than 1000 maH to well over 10,000 maH.  Typically, a 3500 maH solar charger can recharge an Iphone about 1-1/2 times.


2. How long will it take for a solar charger to fully charge up?

The intensity of the sun is directly related to the amount of time required for full charging.   In full sunlight a charger can recharge as quickly as 1 or 2 hours.   It is recommended that you allow up to 10 hours for full charge from sunlight when first using the charger.  In colder months, the solar charger will have to be tilted at a 45-60 degree angle towards the south (in the northern hemisphere) for best charging results.


3. Is there an alternate way to charge the solar chargers on dim days?

Yes.  The solar chargers have an input and output outlet.  The charger batteries can be recharged using a computer USB or wall outlet.


4.  What are some things to avoid?

The solar chargers that have batteries in them should not be left in cars or outside enclosed places where the lithium battery can burn up.  Basically, the same rules apply that you would follow for your cell phone.  Avoid water, dropping excessively and heat.  The cells work by storing photovoltaic light, not heat!