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Our Story

In April of 1997, while driving in my car, I heard this audible voice say, "Feed My Sheep." Slightly ignoring what I heard, I continued to go on about my business. Later that month, those words were spoken again, "Feed My Sheep." I pondered on what this could mean. As I continued my journey through life, those words stayed with me. I still was not certain of what action I was supposed to take on just those three small words. The burden became heavier and heavier, each time, as I became involved with different organizations in different capacities.

Growing up in East Chicago, an urban economically disadvantaged community in the 60’ and 70’s, I understood the need for change. I just couldn’t shake it. Sixteen years later, in December 2013, the vision finally came and it was clear. All of the experience and knowledge I obtained throughout the years were for this moment. It was time to use my knowledge to pour into others what had been poured into me. Therefore, I answered the charge Feed My Sheep. -Cheryl Smith

“We strive to successfully affect the lives of all generations and recognizes the need for on-going support in an ever-changing world. Therefore, we will be the cornerstone that continues to reinforce, advocate, and raise awareness, to meet the needs of the people.”