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Our mission is to be a vehicle that provides various initiatives to enhance social and self-sufficiency skills for the under-served populations of Northwest Indiana of all ages. We believe that if we nurture the mind and feed the soul, we can empower those to become strong, confident, and successful citizens of the community in which they live.

Whether it’s academic, career development, mentoring, personal health, financial literacy, self-defense, elderly care, community service and outreach, self-esteem, or etiquette, we strive to positively affect the lives of our local communities. Doing all this requires dedicated volunteers and generous sponsors.

Join us on this great mission to prepare our communities for a better future. If you would like to support Feed My Sheep by volunteering or making a financial contribution, please contact us or click on one of the many donate buttons placed on the site. Your contribution will forever change a person's life.

“We strive to successfully affect the lives of all generations and recognizes the need for on-going support in an ever-changing world. Therefore, we will be the cornerstone that continues to reinforce, advocate, and raise awareness, to meet the needs of the people.”

Cheryl Smith - Founder & CEO



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