Helping Families Overcome
Financial Obstacles

We seek to assist young
families with establishing a
strong foundation for
familial success

Encourage young couples and promote marriage by creating programs that would assist them with the knowledge tools and skills to enhance their families quality of life.

Family First

Family First Inc., established in 2019, is an organization that seeks to edify young families in pursuit of the American Dream. At Family First Inc., we seek to assist young families with establishing a strong foundation for familial success.

Our founder, DeAnna D. Prince, was a wife and mother to four by the age of 23. Her firsthand experience of the hardships that early parenthood can entail motivated her to be the helping hand young families often need.

Family First Initiative

These services have been proven to help set families up for long term success by giving parents a leg up in the world.

For qualified households, Family First Inc. will provide;


The goal of successful parenthood can be made easier when you have a good example to follow. We realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to have parents, or community elders that are able and available to give sage advice and show them the ropes of family development. Family First will bridge this gap through our outreach and mentoring programs. Patrons of Family First can be linked directly with successful, experienced adults from their own community. Our mentors will be our patrons’s navigational tool for avoiding some of the pitfalls along the road to family planning. Mentoring activities can be made available in small group sessions and one on one settings as needed.


Two important foundational components of longevity and success are health and wealth. We know that ownership is at the cusp of creating wealth but many young people do not know how to become an owner. It is with this in mind that Family First will provide training on subjects such as home ownership, business ownership, credit repair, as well as credit maintenance. Our sustainable health initiatives will include training for grocery shopping, healthy meal preparation, and creating family fitness activity.

access to basic necessities

The first step of the Family First Initiative is to determine the level of need for a potential patron. All prospective recipients will be screened through an application process that will help us ascertain their current status. From there we will work with the applicants to prioritize their needs and connect them with the appropriate foundations and agencies based on current need. We will also create a development plan as a documented course of action for a patron to follow.

pecuniary relief

The goal of FamilyFirst is to help developing families become independent, sustainable, and financially sound. While it is not our desire to only give out money we do realize that in some cases money is the missing part of the equation. Based on the severity of need and availability of resources Family First will be able to provide temporary pecuniary relief. Relief may be provided in multiple formats such as direct voucher or payment to housing and utility services on behalf of our patrons. Like all services, pecuniary relief will be conditional and determined on a case by case basis based on the needs and compliance of each family.

fiscal advice

Whether you have an abundance of money or a disparity of funds financial planning is always significant. A priority of Family First is to educate young families on how to make wise financial decisions and make the most of whatever finances are at their disposal. The organization will provide information on personal budgeting, personal savings, employer incentivized savings, and also financial investments. Family First will garner relationships with financial professionals, and various leaders of industry in effort to pass along proven tactics for financial growth and stability.


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“It is the hope of our founder that patrons of Family First Inc will have great successes and be able to give back to their communities one day.”

Our Families

To that end, patrons of Family First Inc. will not just be temporary beneficiaries. Instead we seek to establish our patrons as lifelong legacies of Family First Inc.